Custom manufacture is our service from Lab scale to commercial batch running within our GMP facility. All custom inquiries are treated with absolute discretion and confidentiality. One secrecy agreement will be set up before cooperation. Our capacity ranges is from milligram amounts for preclinical work up to hundreds of kilograms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and tons of key intermediates.

Sunwell manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet actual and future customer needs:

1. Production capability

  • Reaction temperature -40°C to 300°C
  • Reaction pressure 2.5Mpa to 10mmHg
  • Unite reation volume 10Lto 3000L
  • Vacuum rectification tower ( 5mmHg)
  • Stable steam is durative supplied by thermoelectric plant

2. Reaction types

  • Nitration
  • Reduction
  • Bromination
  • Ammoniation
  • Grignard's reaction
  • Chloridization ( with Sulfuryl Chloride)
  • Cyclization
  • Condensation reaction
  • N-Alkylation reaction
  • Hydrogenation ( 15kg/cm3)
  • Cyanidation

3. Analytical instrument

  • HPLC, GC, Spectrophotometer, specific rotatory power, normal chemical analytical
  • instrument.


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